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Math Worksheets

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Kindergarten Math Worksheets.
Our math free kindergarten math worksheets are unique.
Each kindergarten math worksheet is designed to support you as you seek to help your child learn.
We believe learning should be exciting, challenging, stress free and fun.
When you share one of our kindergarten math worksheets with your child you are embarking on a journey of discovery together.

Math Worksheets - Features
sample animations - provide dynamic examples with a link to one of ur videos uploaded to Youtube for convenience.
notes - explain what your child is learning
virtual math manipulatives - allow you to manipulate cuisenaire rods online - free trial
pdf format - easy to save or print and enables you to access the above features when used with our online kindergarten math worksheets.

Our kindergarten math worksheets are designed to support our innovative math programs but if you are familiar with cuisenaire rods our kindergarten math worksheets can be used as a stand-alone resource. The  kindergarten math worksheets mirror the programs and cover the age range of 3 to 11.

Cuisenaire rods are universally regarded as the most complete mathematical model ever devised. Unfortunately they are often underused and undervalued.

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Our kindergarten math worksheets also reinforce the philosophy behind our math program  
Ensure Your Child Succeeds At Math.  
They reflect the fact that young children are predominantly tactile and kinesthetic learners. That is why our kindergarten math worksheets are totally interactive. 
Children, especially young children need programs that will engage them in the process of exploration and discovery.
I hear and I forget,
           I see and I remember,
           I do and I understand.
                                    Chinese Proverb
Our kindergarten math worksheets, like the program, are driven by open-ended questions and increasingly challenging tasks that encourage children to enter the optimum state for learning.
Noted University of Chicago psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes this as the 'flow state' where the individual 'loses himself' becoming totally absorbed in the experience.

We now stand on the shore of the 21st century. Despite all the advances in our understanding of the human brain and how we learn the pedagogical climate
Csikszentmihalyi describes is still, to a great extent, the ideal rather than the norm.

Our innovative kindergarten math program remains true to this ideal and reflects the pedagogical climate envisaged.
It has been informed by the latest developments in brain-based research and in that respect is more than just a math program.
It actually helps children (and adults) learn how to learn.
We sincerely believe it to be the most effective and natural way of introducing children to math.

Our kindergarten math worksheets are free and can be reproduced and used in any quantity. We are continually developing new math worksheets and would greatly value your comments and suggestions to ensure the kindergarten math worksheets themselves meet your requirements.

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