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How To Help Your Child Succeed

How to help your child succeed in school or at home with  home learning resources: books, products and materials. Ideal for homeschooling and play-based learning. Special emphasis on math and reading-related home-learning supplies.

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Does Your Child Always Feel Sick Whenever Itís Time For School?  Could It Be Bullying? Or Could It Be . . . . Math?

Whatever happened to that happy child who couldnít wait to get to school?

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"5 Common Reasons Why Your Child May Struggle With Math in School" along with your free copy of our Math Manipulatives software.

The absolutely crucial learning state often missing from the math class.



The most common and deadly mistake many schools keep making when teaching math.



Why ignoring this learning style can harm  your child and your community.



The 'perfect' math model young children should be using every day but probably don't. 



The word used regularly in the math lesson that causes more problems for your child than any other.

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Is your child struggling with his reading?

Often times it's because his interest level exceeds his ability level.
Our FREE reading strategy can help.

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"The Listen and Repeat Reading Technique."

"Daydreams And How They Can Empower Your  Child To Read And Learn"


Let us help you  help your child succeed by keeping you informed of the latest developments in educational research and learning.
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Our home-learning resources and products have been designed for kinesthetic, visual and tactile learners.
Preschool, Kindergarten and Foundation Phase children are strongly kinaesthetic and tactile learners. Our innovative math program Child's Play Maths exclusive to
reflects this fact.
This math program is particularly well suited to 

Child's Play Maths

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Math manipulatives are used extensively in our math programs and resources. Discover more about the most effective math manipulatives in the world. Click Here.
math programs are supported by demo flash videos that provide
dynamic examples of each math unit.


Ongoing support  is being made available in the form of instructional video tutorials for each unit. Videos for Child's Play 1 will be available by Summer 2014

We are continually developing these and welcome any suggestions or requests for specific support regarding Child's Play Maths.

These tutorials will be free to anyone who has bought Child's Play Maths 1 or who buys it in the future. They will also be available to purchase separately.

 Take A Look At Our Play Scripts that help make learning to read fun . . . Some also teach Science concepts.

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How To Help Your Child Succeed
How to help your child succeed in school or at home with home learning resources: books, products and materials. Ideal for homeschooling. Special emphasis on math-related home-learning supplies.








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