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The Amazing Color Factor Multiplication Square

An invaluable visual resource for teaching -
multiplication - division (with and without remainders) - fractions as operators (e.g. Ύ x 24) - factors - square numbers - area of irregular shapes and more.

The Child's Play Math Program    

Child's Play Math One

Child's Play Math is designed to introduce math concepts to children from 3 through 11 years via play, games, open-ended tasks and challenges. The program utilizes Cuisenaire Rods and embraces all the learning style.  “Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

Child's Play Math One is applicable for Kindergarten through Grade 1. CLICK HERE for more information on the program.


Child's Play Math Two

Child's Play Math Two is suitable for Grade 1 through Grade 3.


Child's Play Math One and Two

Child's Play Math 1 and 2 covers both stages.
The program can also be used as a
catch-up program for children and adults who failed to grasp math concepts first time round.

Child's Play Math One - The Complete Package

Child's Play Math  One - The Complete Package consists of 29 video tutorials covering each unit: 29 Power Point Presentations plus the Book One Manual in PDF format.
This is a very large download in zip format.
CLICK HERE to view some sample tutorials.


If you haven't already grabbed a free copy of our Cuisenaire Rod Software App what are you waiting for?

Create your own starship. . .

The Science Drama Play Script Series    


THEME: Pond Life Ecology and Pollution
Why has the pond suddenly become plagued with frogs? Are the rumours of the deadly black slime true? Will Pond Snail escape the clutches of Mr and Mrs Water Spider? Can the Tadpoles trust Great Diving Beetle? What happened to Kingfisher? Can they all escape the deadly black SLIME?
Copies can be reproduced for each production.



THEME: Migration
Young Redstart is discovering what a dangerous world he inhabits. Old Crow has told him tales of fearsome creatures like Sparrowhawk, Stoat and the deadly Pine Marten who once hunted through the trees like a dark shadow. Yet there is one danger he cannot escape. A danger he must face with family and friends afresh each year or perish when the freezing white death descends upon the land. Is he ready to undertake the great adventure of migration?


Sherlock Ohms and the Mystery of Magnet Manor

THEME: Electricity
When Sherlock Ohms is summoned to Magnet Manor by the mysterious Mr A.T.Mos he senses devilry afoot. His suspicions are further aroused upon learning that five of the wealthiest men in the world have also received similar invitations.
Accompanied by his loyal companion Dr Watts-On he travels to the remote island unaware of the tragic events that will shortly unfold. As one by one the guests fall victim to the evil A.T.Mos can Ohms solve the mystery and uncover the evil perpetrator before there is no one left standing?



The Chronicles of Bumblebania (playscripts)

Christmas at Bumble Castle

Christmas is coming and the Royal House of Bumble is in turmoil.
While the King and Sir Boris the Bold set about restoring the Ancient Order of Knighthood, Queen Ammoania is feverishly attempting to find a suitor for the princess.
Meanwhile, having escaped from the clutches of
Prince Rupert and his gang, dastardly Baron Grime hatches a fiendishly clever plot that is in danger of coming undone, literally. 
When an Abominable Snowman is sighted in Bumblebania and Aunt Grimwalda arrives unannounced for the wedding it looks as if things cannot get any worse.
. . or can they? 



The Princess and the Dragon

Bumblebania is gripped by fear.
A ferocious dragon is busily devouring its inhabitants while the King desperately seeks a hero to slay the beast. Queen Ammoania is also desperately seeking a suitor for the Princess Lucinda.
The obvious solution is to offer the hand of the Princess to the hero who slays the dragon and delivers Bumblebania from the nightmare.
Unfortunately when a hero does turn up he is not what everyone expects.



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